Men & Women:

Can they be successful together? There’s no question that men and women in your organization are willing to work hard. It’s just a matter of getting them to work together.


Gender IQ Test

Take our test to see how much you really know about the gender differences that we face on a daily basis.

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Hardball for Women!

"This book has to be the best book I've ever read for women in business -- I read it when it first came out and I haven't changed my opinion after just finishing this brand new 3rd edition. This book just keeps getting better."

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Gender Equality

Gender Equality in Corporate America. Check out the short documentary featuring Dr. Pat Heim.

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Gender Diversity!

We can't help men and women speak the same language, but we can teach them to understand both.


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Since establishing The Heim Group in 1985, Dr. Pat Heim CEO, and best selling author, has become recognized internationally as the expert in the area of gender differences in the workplace.  The Heim Group, a research based workplace communication consulting firm, is dedicated to helping organizations identify and solve communication issues, including gender related issues, and learn how to leverage differences into a competitive advantage.

About Us

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Dr. Heim has assembled a team of speakers and facilitators dedicated to helping organizations understand gender differences as well as improve communication and productivity.

Our Services

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Heim Workshops, Training sessions, Keynotes, and Coaching are all designed to help improve team effectiveness, and enhance the company’s ability to identify talent and improve the bottom line.

Our Products

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DVDs, Books, and CD’s by best selling author and gender differences expert,  Dr. Pat Heim along with other members of our team, are available for purchase.

Global Workshops

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The Heim Team is experienced in presenting the Workshops, Training and Keynotes at your business location, nationally and internationally.







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